Enable Gaming is a Not for Profit - Social Enterprise with a vision of a fully accessible gaming community, with high-end esport competitions not just located to the population hotspots. The goal is to make gaming as accessible to as many people as possible across the UK.  


Enable Gaming has been set up with the purpose of assisting individuals with disabilities, mental health needs and people who come from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. We will work with local communities by hosting small esports tournaments; where everyone can come along and participate, learn and get started. We want to showcase how difficult it is and to push the manufacturers, developers and retailers into thinking about a more inclusive community of gamers. 


The idea behind Enable Gaming is to host and organise high-end esport competitions across the UK attracting the best gamers, best games and the best community. Our vision is to include everyone; no one is excluded on age, gender, sexual orientation, disability or creed.

This Year we will be hosting four Major Opens across Scotland with a Grand Final held later in the year.

There will be two locked and one open bracket.

This will be set up as follows - Impaired, Able bodied and Mixed providing Fairness and Fun for everyone.

We aim to expand into England, Wales & Northern Ireland in the coming years.

Meet the team

Robert Flannigan

Founder & Director

Robert has always been passionate about social inclusion. He founded Enable Gaming to help bridge the gap. Robert has a background in Marketing & Events across the UK and Internationally. 

Stuart Vernor

Co-Founder & Director

Stuarts passion for gaming is only superseded by his vast drive and energy to get the job done. Stuart has a head for numbers and organisation. He believes that everyone can game and it should be open to all.

Scott Higgins

Events Coordinator

Scott has vast knowledge of esports and regularly watches and attends events online. Scott has a huge drive and passion for esports. Scott is very excited to start the enable gaming dream.

Malcolm Clark

IT & Infrastructure Coordinator

 Malcolm brings 10 years experience working within IT environments. Having been a long time gamer since the Spectrum days he believes that people of all abilities should be able to play the same game together. He brings his skills and knowledge to help provide an environment that will enable gaming for all. 

Jake Short

Stream Coordinator

18, started gaming at a young age, games in his free time and aspires to do well in esports and streaming. Has a drive and passion for esports. Jake is very excited to start making those awesome twitch streams happening.

Mike Bennetton

Events Team

I am disabled gamer who has been playing since the days of Commodore 64 and Spectrum and have had passion about gaming ever since. Over a year ago I became a streamer which is extremely enjoyable. I am very proud to be part of Enable Gaming, a young and up and coming organisation.

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Enable Gaming CIC, incorporated and registered in Scotland. Enable Gaming CIC is a Community Interest Company, Limited by Guarantee.


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